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Something's Wrong, but I Don't Know What It Is!
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Maestro Manfred F. Kuttner    
    Immortal Sounds - My father, Manfred, was a symphony conductor, singer, performer and
    teacher.  Raised in Germany, my father met many modern masters "over there."  He amassed a
    huge record library, mostly of 78rpm wax platters.  On this 1970s radio show, my dad shares
    his collection and his vast knowledge with you.  As a former jazz band leader, he also performed
    and collected popular music from the 40s and 50s.
In these podcasts, Dad is interviewed by Jim Price, his co-host.  In each episode, they take you on
a journey through many lesser known treats from the worlds of classical and older popular music.
    Inside stories, little-known performances and personal stories of the legends of symphony and opera.
    These shows are great to download and listen to in your home or car!

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 I began writing very young!

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  Be Brave, Be Free
 - A Self-help book in progress (as I help myself!) :
    Is there a modern version of "Big Brother?"

    Who is ours?

    How can we ignore him, be free, and enjoy this beautiful world ! 
See Pipeline - The Novel
 -  A Novel in progress:
    A thriller about
an auditor for a large oil company.  
    Why was he suddenly sent to Alaska?
    What happened to his predecessor?  Will he find the same fate?
    Is the pretty copy girl as innocent as she seems?
    Who is killing people with - of all things - poisoned darts?

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