Be Brave, Be Free !

Beyond Government

Does there already exist
a Peaceful Alternative to
Goverments which Tax, Force, Control
and Confiscate?
Would We Need a
Bloody Revolution to Implement It?

"What I want is human freedom."
Milton Friedman, Economist
1912 - 2006


"We have the best government in the world
that money can buy"

Mark Twain

"...all government is evil, and trying to improve it is largely a waste of time."
H.L. Mencken



Given that there are many dangerous flaws in the concept of government - mainly that it has "first dibs" on your earnings, your property, even your life, aren't we stuck with it?  Isn't it the least evil of all alternatives?

I, as you, have been told all my life that only government can provide us with roads, police, fire protection, utilities.  That only government could do this for us.  That its coercion, confiscation, and protection of big, greedy monopolies were all necessary "for our own good."  Somehow, this never rang true.

However, being educated by the State, I still was resigned to that assumption.  

However, with a little bit of thought and some research, I found out that there already exists a peaceful, non-coercive alternative.
 This alternative has been around for centuries, quietly providing all those things without confiscatory taxation, eminent domain, wars or the death penalty.

Wouldn't you like to find out what this peaceful, yet powerful organization is?

Read on!
Some people have the misconception that a co-op is a socialistic, commune-like entity.

Well, they do exist in that form.  However, an even older form is a voluntary, capitalistic form.

You might have even studied these in school.  Remember Rural Electrification?   Grain elevator and Dairy Co-Ops? Telephone Co-Ops?  These were started in sparsely populated areas.  They came about precisely because tax-funded governments didn't provide for these things out in the sticks.  In fact, governmental electrification, even schooling, only came about in the 20th century.

You've probably heard of volunteer fire departments.  They are easily more efficient and at least as responsive as their socialist (government-provided) equivalents.  By definition, they run less expensively and more efficiently.  They cannot just tax their way out of spending deficits or lavish, overspending pension plans.
Did you know that "public" (socialized) education  is relatively new in the US?  It really didn't start here in a general way until about 1830.  The US government didn't get fully involved until the early 19th century.  The US enjoyed high literacy and economic growth for almost two centuries before this!
Is it a coincidence that the best schools are still private?  That "public" education does not provide equal schooling for all?  That it still matters where you live as to how good your schools are?
As usual, government did not solve the problems it promised to.  It just created a lot more problems, and continues to charge us more to do less and less.
The only way to make a system accountable to its clients is for the clients to actively control the purse strings.  In this tax-funded system, the government just takes more from all, including those who don't benefit, by promising "freebies" to the smaller class of those who would benefit.  The fact that government hasn't delivered on its promises in the past does not matter.  Government educates us that there is no alternative - that we are trapped into an "imperfect" (corrupt) system.
Is there a current system that doesn't force us to pay into something that benefits mainly the bureaucratic class?  Which is responsive to, and owned by those who benefit?
Yes, there is!  Check out:  Co-Op Schools.
The Alternative
For general information about the Co-Op Concept,  see:  Wikipedia.

To see how co-ops provide affordable food and food processing, see: TopFlight Grain Co-Op.

To see how 
international Co-Ops already work, see: International Co-Op Association.
(Careful:  There are some socialistic co-ops sprinkled among the free ones!)

Groups with a socialist/communist agenda have co-opted the co-op label.  They confuse the term "collective" with co-op.
Don't be fooled!
To see what Co-Ops are NOT, see this socialist/communist propaganda site:  Co-Op Amerika (my spelling).  Note that they push forward every one-world, collectivist agenda currently in vogue (e.g. "Global Warming").
That is NOT what Co-Ops really do!  They adopt a common goal and strive for it non-coercively.  They help find and disseminate honest information to help their members, not enslave them to the "Fear o' the Week (tm)!"

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Updated:  May 31, 2008