Be Brave, Be Free !

Questioning Assumptions...

We Must Assume Certain Things,

But Were We Taught the Right Things?

"Castles made of sand, slip into the sea... eventually."

Jimi Hendrix



Some people say "Never Assume - Assuming makes an ASS out of U and ME.  

Ha ha!  The joke's on them!  

Their statement is itself asinine.  Why?  Because we make assumptions all the time; we must.  Every time we inhale, we assume that what we breathe will contain oxygen, not deadly chlorine gas.  Every time we start our car, we assume there's no bomb under the floor.  Our daily life is filled with such assumptions.  We just don't think about them.  They're ingrained.  Assumptions are necessary to live life in a practical way. 

However, many of our assumptions, "facts" we've accepted all our lives, were given us by people who were wrong, or even had ulterior motives for planting these basic ideas.  Ideas - assumptions - which have enslaved us... even caused the deaths of many people.   How do we tell which assumptions we should accept and which we should reject?

Does it Matter if there is a God?This subject is a work in progress...  well, I guess they all are!

I was an atheist most of my life.  In the last few years, I've had a few experiences which even my skeptical mind could only explain by the Love of God for all His creations.  I believe my life is better since accepting and tuning into what I think God wants of us.
 So, as a personal belief, yes, it matters.  Do I expect anyone to accept the beliefs just because I have had the experiences?  No.  I wouldn't!

In case  you're curious, however...

Based on my experiences, my belief is summed up as:

1. God loves all of us... even Hitler and Osama bin Laden.
2. God wants us to live peacefully and be kind (duh!)

3. There is plenty on Earth for all of us.

4. Having a good life is more important than possissing items.

5. The universe was created with certain operative "rules."  I say "rules" instead of laws, because I've seen that God makes exceptions to them, sometimes in response to prayer.  On the other hand, violating the rules, even many we don't know or couldn't understand, often results in tragedy.

One such rule is that good things cannot be built upon bad deeds.  Ask the Kennedys, Clintons or Bushes if they are really happy.  It doesn't seem so.  Yet, they have power and money, right?  But how were those achieved?  Further, I believe the State of Israel and even the U.S. are reaping what they've sown... or their governments have.

6. God has a much bigger picture of things than we do.  This is another reason why "bad" things happen, often to good people.  The greater good, which we rarely can see or could understand, is served by all events as they fit together cosmically.

7. There is no eternal Hell.  If there is a Hell, it's a temporary one to purify a soul from Earthly corruptions.  This is really a Talmudic principle, where the interested "student" can find further details.

8. Mankind is flawed, and therefore errs.  This is to stimulate learning and growth, and add an element of risk, and interest, to life on Earth.  Therefore, even the best-intended religion (and not all are so) contains errors.  It is up to each of us to decide what is true and live accordingly.

I don't think one must believe in God in order to have a good life or be a good person.  The belief just sets aside some nagging questions, and gives a motive for being and living "good."

To be continued "as more learning becomes available!"
Coming Soon!   Watch for more discussion!  Or go to the "Letters" page from "Home" to email your input!

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Updated:  May 30, 2008