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Less is More Better to go to "Least is Best." This is a minimalist philosophy, which applies in degrees as you can accept less and less comfort, toys, things, etc.
Liberty 1 Liberty, as in at liberty" is leeway you are allowed, eg "Cinderella Liberty." Freedom is absence of controls. It's how we are born. Give me liberty, or give me death is really a meaningless phrase. What good is liberty & what hope for it if you are dead. Liberty is thus still a state of slavery. Compare with the thought behind: "Born Free."
Liberty 2 Freedom: "Absence of necessity, coercion or constraint in choice or action." Liberty: "A right or immunity enjoyed by prescription or by grant." - Webster's New Collegiate Dictionary
Liberty 3 US Slaves were given liberty, i.e. with conditions, not freedom.
Emancipation: The original meaning is to transfer ownership!""
Life - A to B Life is from A (birth) to B (death)
We know where A is. B moves according to fate and how we live our life. We know the further we are from A the closer we are to B. So, time becomes to be more precious the further we are from A.
Life - Experience Have you had a near-life experience?
Life - Free 1 Describe a day.
Spiritual side, not mumbo jumbo or boomalay-boom, but communing with nature, much larger than we and pleasant in so many ways.
Desert, mts, ocean, rivers, etc.
Life - Free 2 Closer to whatever you think of God, whether personal animate one, or the Force" of Star Wars. At least, there is an energy flow, which includes nuclear forces, sun flares to worm farts. You fit into this continuum somewhere and should learn to enjoy it. Some call that meditation or prayer.
Life - Good 1 Having a good life starts with a free mind.
Once the goal is defined, one must be intellectual" in the strict sense of filtering out emotional decisions as much as possible.
Life - Good 2 Somewhere in there is:
Learning, Knowing, Doing, Being, maybe teaching, but only if asked.
Best use of life is by dedicating to max. freedom, so you are in control.
Working to earn" security is a trap of slavery (best plantation job, etc)
Life - Living - Insulate Live your life so you are not a target for the System.
Life - Meaning, if Any Each person has to make up his own answer. George would say, just to discover and enjoy whatever one's passion is.
Passion is fleeting, love endures.
I see no evidence that there is an external reason" for life, except making more of it (eating & screwing), 'cause those are the things which feel good. Add to that "Eating chocolate!"
Life - Question of Best question to ask is "What is the highest & best life I can live by my own measure?" You define the purpose of your life, if any. Slave, follower of x, or a higher purpose by YOUR OWN DEFINITION!.
Life - Regrets 1. Not seeing double feature: Punk Rock Leather Slaves" and "Female Athletes in Bondage." And 2. Not hanging on to several girlfriends.
Life Style, Name for this Phreedom & people who do it are Phreeks or Freeks.
Max. freedom which still allows for safe human interaction and a pinch of civilization.
Life, Defining One's 1 1. Who are you, in terms of values and what a good life means to you.
2. What is the best legacy you could leave behind, given your knowledge and abilities as you envision they *could* be.
Compare to other card, quoting that work defines you, if you are a job-slave.
Life, Defining One's 2 Be careful to define in your terms, not others'.
Mozart vs Salieri in Amadeus." Prob. was Salieri was competent, but tried to define himself in Mozart's terms & thus was envious. Sal. should have defined his goals in terms of his own aesthetic and mental capabilities & would have been happy & not enslaved to a fiction.
Lifestyle, Analogous Planets & Countries 1 Freenus (or Freeness) = Formerly known as Kuttner's Planet. Contains the country Danada = Country of Freest people, most of 'em gypsies.
Stupiter = Planet of Sheeple who work in Cubicles and are taxed at close to 100% with the promise of stuff they never get.
Countries include Liberalia, Hungry and Trance.
Lifestyle, Correction to Just as the stock market takes an occasional correction" to dip to the true value of the stocks, our lives should occasionally take a "correction" back to the level of what is true in life, shedding a huge layer of excess. The sun does this too, shedding a huge fireball of excess matter every now and then. Yes, for different reasons, but it's still a good mental model.
Lifestyle, Planets & Countries 2 Mearth = Similar planet to Freenus. Biggest country is Harmany. Fatturn or Sitturn = Lazy planet fed by taxes on Stupiter.
Living - Defining You can help define who you are and what you should be doing, by who you are NOT and what you do NOT want to do.
This method is pooh-poohed by many pop psych's but it does help, by cutting OUT areas from the graph" as to where you want to be."
Living - Natural State of 1 Nomadic, tribal.
Not saying ideal is piercings and penis sheathes, but ability to move about as seasons, crops & herds indicate.
Gov't wants you in one place to control & tax you. Outgrowths of that are artificial pleasures, which never stop changing form & induced need to possess them. (new car designs, latest fashions)
Nomadic, per anthropological data.
Cite bible, etc as to gov'ts need to herd" man to tax & control him. Modern day example of nomadic life. Gov't as robbers who "settled in" to "protect" us from themselves!
Living - Natural State of 2 Greed is not natural. man has to be trained, conned and tempted into it. Leads to static life to own" property, etc. ("our neighborhood").
Living Free(ly) 1 2 examples from opposite ends of spectrum:
Dick H. With big nest egg.
George On budget of $5/day
Living Free(ly) 2 Laws, what laws?" One can insulate oneself from most of the harm of gov't, but must not be obvious. Gov'ts like to make an example, esp. if you are perceived as striking them in the purse.
Living Intelligently Advantage to living with 'open eyes' is that you can make conscious choices instead of having 'em chosen for you.
Enables you to live highest & best" use you can be, by your own measure.
Living out of the Box - Downside of living out of the box" is you will be shunned, even attacked by others because you don't follow they way they think you should - the way they are. Certainly by those who expect you to follow THEM! Example from grade school: I was sent out of room for suggesting the continents look like they fit together. Now a bit tree-hugger theory of "Gondwanaland."
Logic - Role of Look at yesterday's propaganda & compare with today's to show gov't is lying (e.g. Noriega as help to US, then villain; Iraquis touring US ChemWep plants then 6 mo later they're evil for having the weps).
UN is saintly when US controls its vote; ignored when it disagrees (Panama condemnation & use of Nato vice UN as front in Kosovo).
Lottery - Hitting the RE: Black "leaders" wanting $M because MAYBE their ancestors were slaves:
1. They now want to enslave a current citizen to pay them big bucks.
2. They're actually better off now than if they had stayed in Africa.
3. Ancestors bought into system which allowed S.Their or en'y chiefs sold 'em.
4. Lesson: don't buy into a system NOW that enslaves others or you may be snared as well!
Materialism 1 I was first forced to shed possessions, then found it made life simpler.
Later, looking at videos at work, on TV, fancy cars in the parking lot, I began to fall back into desire for more & fancier stuff. Luckily, I avoided it by saying "define the problem, to which buying "x" is the solution. Mat'l & Mindlessness = "M&M."
Materialism 2 If you are living intelligently, you should at least know what you are giving up to get what you want and see if the freedom you are sacrificing is really worthwhile.
Example of mortgage, which makes you pay 3x cost of a house. Even if you move, cumulative cost of several houses is even more, due to increasing price and lost fees & taxes.
Matter - It Just Doesn't Chant of character "Tripper," in "Meatballs." Should be your chant during football game, Olympics, any collective "we" are supposed to be for, and any elections. Why? Because the outcome will NOT matter to a free mind or a free person.
Me 1 I've always searched for freedom, shaken off control, especially foolish controls.
Give ex. of teacher keeping whole class because one acts up & explaining why as that's democracy, when it was really fascism. Understood the invalidity as a kid.
Me 2 I aspire to be a Spartacus.
Difference between him & me though is that at that time, he didn't have to convince most of the slaves that they really were slaves.
In this time, we are brainwashed into thinking slavery is freedom. Half my battle is arguing with you!
Me 3 I have been attracted to individualism.
Flying & pet birds a symptom.
I found flying is less & less free, more and more controlled (for safety" of course). Ultralights last vestige, but kept from mainstream flying (e.g. not allowed to make money taking pix w/ultralight over anything worth picturing).
Media - Framing Normalcy Time, inc, etc deals with crises, manipulated economy, etc as if it were normal.
Latest (2/17/00) term is oil inflation" which arabs are being blamed for (CBS Blather). Fed. will be hero for screwing us by stopping this "evil" by making our dollars and investments worth less."
Media - Framing Questions Gov't press releases (Tom Tomorrow cartoon) used to frame questions in certain way favored by gov't, such as gun control DEGREE not goodness, war DEGREE, not morality. Or construct straw man or one to vilify for problems (even including consumer greed - Jimmy Carter's blame for inflation). All major networks dance in unison (e.g. evil Sadam Hussein, ignoring US giving him weps, and travel bunko 'problem')
Media - Irrelevance of News Virtually nothing in your newspaper or news show is relevant to your life. They usually just want to get into your wallet through fear o' the week or disease o' the week.
Media - Souls Sold Dan Blabber, Tom Brokejaw and Repeater Jennings are the worst, in that they used to have a conscience & bravely report the truth, e.g. in Vietnam.
Now, they repeat gov't lies (e.g. blaming consumers for inflation) and coverups. They are smart enough to be doing this knowingly, not as dupes, so they must have sold their souls for money & position somewh. along the way.
Media - Why Distrust? No matter if you believe in the NWO or other conspiracies" (so called to discredit them). At minimum mainstream press: 1. Scares people over manufactured or exaggerated "crises." 2. Answer is always for more gov't control & costly pgms. 3. Twists stories to support gov't pos. (e.g. "oil inflation") and favorites. Esp. true now, that same corps that give us "news," also rent politicians to implement their will.
Mediocrity - Celebrating Mediocrity is aggrandized. One cannot achieve excellence nor challenge the status quo if one aims for the mediocre. You remain unscathed.
Mind - Free - Leads You Once your mind is free, the rest of you will follow!
Mind - Nobility of Before acting, think nobility" or "grace
Mind - Not Caring It's important not to care too much. Things are expendable and life's risks smartly avoidable (to an extent) by living intelligently. Not caring yields more freedom.
Mindlessness - Avoid Avoid it (TV)
Symptoms: Expensive fashions, backwards baseball cap except on catchers, welders & bicyclists, and woooo..." in the audience."
Mindlessness - Signs of Backwards Hat
Saying Woo" instead of applauding
Money - Can't Make You Free 1. Can live ascetic life & not need much. Taking risk w/health, muggings, etc
2. Earning money is reward for doing for others.
3. Put into pot, used by others, reward is your interest.
4. Pull it out later, but not too late!
Monopolies & Gov't Only real monopoly is one created (roads) or protected (cable territories) by gov't.
In a real mkt, monopolies are cumbersome and inefficient, therefore costly and easy to topple by real competition with better & more agile service.
Gov't monopolies come after comp. w/guns
Mortality Means don't put too much emphasis on decisions; it's all transitory. Present time is most important time. You can only directly affect the present.
Motto Illegitimati non Carborundum
Motto My motto is, Be Brave, be Free
Narcissism - Me-ism Effects on society, from road rage to kleptomaniac 1st family.
Example is neighbor named Celeste, who should've instead been named Bagpipe" due to the dissension she caused. A substite exists. It's called "manners."
Nature - People & Gov't 1. It is the nature of many people to seek power over others
2. It is gov't's nature to use force to control its people.
3. #1 will use #2 to get power they want.
4. If power-hungry people are x and gov't is y, you must become z, impervious or nearly so to both. Indep. of gov't and below" their detection, let alone control.
Next Phase 1 Basic hope is that this book will help foster a yearning for the next phase of civilization, one without compulsory overlords. This is a long-term goal, as having bosses" or "leaders" has been ingrained into us for generations. Yet, the beginning of mankind was without such, and much pain and damage has happened since.
Next Phase 2 State symptoms of people's yearning for something more than what's on the table.
The close Gore/Bush election mainly shows equal dissatisfaction for both and rejection of same.
Voting for your massa" is not freedom!"
Next Phase 3 Made up of people willing to live an unconventional" life to minimize their exposure to the Satori and thus maximize their control of their own life (freedom)."
Next Phase 4 Goal: A civilization made up of freely interacting and coalescing individuals, who are fully in control of their lives. They live at their own pace, on their own terms, on their own schedule. They choose to interact, or not, with others, freely, without coercion. They band together as needed for protection, companionship, or sharing knowledge and wealth.
Next Phase 5 The main protection of such groups and individuals, is that they cannot be conquered by the corruption or surrender of one leader or group. They are like a drop of mercury, which cannot be pressed; it slips aside or divides into smaller droplets which are even harder to control. Impossible to conquer!
Nicknames House = StayFree's Maxi Pad
Phreeks, Phreedom ???
Unfree = Ants, Antz, Surface Dwellers, Water Skippers (don't see below the surface), Morlocks (slavers below ground). Not: "Play it Safe and Woik for Massa for the Great Buy and Buy of Pie in the Sky."
NWO - Conspiracies A term used to make ridiculous an attempt to define who or what is responsible for acts by the powerful.
Viz: Satori... It's not important to name the group (e.g. New World Order), or even quantify their intentions. It's their acts and minimizing the effect on you that is. Even if someone has good intentions, if the effect is harmful its effects should be minimized.
NWO - Protecting Oneself 1 As fedgov becomes more controlling (e.g. kind of toilets you can have) best defense is to become fragmented into smaller groups. States & large groups are easier to ID and control than lots of individuals.
Marching in lockstep makes you an easy target.
NWO - Protecting Oneself 2 Don't confront them and fight in their arena with their rules (e.g. courts, voting). They hold all the cards.
If you are invisible to would-be masters, they have no knowledge of you to use to control you.
NWO - Protecting Oneself 3 If you do this, you will withold your obedience" as per Gandhi. If enough others follow your example, they may start repressing those they can even more 'til those rise up & throw off their would-be masters. Would-be controllers lose funding and weaken, maybe eventually dry up & blow away.
Observation - Important Powers of observation are most important, then ability to question, then, ability to analyze what was observed.
That way, you don't have to take anyone's word for events, draw your own conclusions. E.g. news events. Observe from various points of view. Question, then deduce.
Oxymora Collective Wisdom
Civil Servants are usually neither.
Conventional Wisdom. If it's conventional, it's not wisdom.
Parasites 1 Ex: "Princess" Di outpouring. No one really knew her, she wouldn't let them in her house, yet so many cried & wailed at her death.
Peace - Inner No one can bring you peace but yourself. Nothing can bring you peace but the triumph of principles.
- Ralph Waldo Emerson
Relates to DK's being the cork, bobbing on stormy seas.
People - Problems The problem with some people is, they have too much misdirected energy." Dr. MacPhail, "Rain" Somerset Maugham
Philosophy - Choosing Example of Bob, who forwards emails about angels giving good luck, just in case." Why not go to every religion's services each week "just in case?" Answer: If you choose a philos. which is true to your being, you invest in it & don't waste time on things you don't believe. Any God which might exist will know you're insincere, anyway. Wases a lot of time, during w. you could do good.
Philosophy - Living One's Story on TV of Deadbolt & Jeannie living on streets dumpster diving, but living well, no rent, no bosses, and supporting causes such as feeding the hungry and demonstrating against globalism.
Philosophy - Political Socialism, conservatism, etc are philosophies, in that they say how to run your life & how to interact.
Flaw in Soc'ism is that if you do it on a micro level (many outweigh the few), people could trample your lawn.
Flaw in C-ism is that they would police certain ways of living (gay, immigrants, etc) based on a non-exist. consensus.
Philosophy - Roots I'm looking at eastern and Jewish philosophies. Part of dealing with everyday life involves knowing who you are, and part of that involves knowing where you came from and how it influenced you.
Philosophy - Test of One test of a philosophy's validity is "What if everyone did it?" In this case, we'd have less production, due to less slavery, but mostly of enslaving devices: TVs, Game Boys, etc. Who needs digital TV? Are digital commercials any more needed than analog ones? Even most TV shows, will digitality of them make them more life enhancing?
Philosophy - Why? Don't need one any more than need a map to drive a car or a budget to spend money, but makes life more on track, deal with pain, get more peace (if that's the goal).
Book shows how I'm developing my philos & might help you w/yours.
Spend time more effectively, deal w/probs (be prepared for 'em).
Philosophy as Tool Most people either unconsciously develop one, or are handed one in the form of a religion or political dogma.
It gives you better control over your life to read about philosophies that have and haven't worked and apply/hone them yourself.
Philosophy -Test - Everyone Does It! One test of a philosophy is: What if everyone did it?
Although some try to criticize my" brand of freedom for this, it's actually a good test. If everyone did get free, they would be less stressed, have less hostility around them, so: less highway rage, fewer shootings, fewer shootings, fewer shootings, less desire for material goods & therefore money & thus less crime, & less desire to escape thru drugs, etc.
Philosophy vs Politics Philosophy sets guidelines. Politics are for self-gain at expense of others.
If politics say it's ok to steal, using gov't as go-between, to build you a house, that's a poor foundation for a society, 'cause it won't get better than that among citizens: Stealing will be ok if end result justifies it.
Pigs - Singing You can't teach a pig to sing. It wastes your time, and it pisses off the pig. - G. deLoriea
Plan - Life An intelligent life plan acks. that you can only go down one path at a time, and most would include max. freedom. This book aims at that aspect of a life plan, including the why.
Police - Anarchy Neighborhoods or groups hire patrols
Groups have lawsuit agreements (those who don't agree don't join group).
Insurance co's hire guards too, and fire and other protections (incl. ships at sea).
Bad cops would be fired by nbrhd or sued by victims.
Police - Power Flaws A Day the Earth Stood Still" kind of police force (or the way the UN is going) is harmful. We need to have ult. power over our police."
Police - Problems People wrongly vilify the police for even minor abuses. Instead, they should push to do away with bad laws the cops have to enforce, and which attract corruption and the corruptible. E.g. the drug war, which is really a war to control the poor.
Politicians - Mowing Lawns Politicians: I wouldn't hire 'e to mow my lawn! They'd spend 1/2 the time telling you what a good job they were GOING to do, and the other 1/2 telling you why they needed more money to complete the task.
Politicians 1 #2 thing they fear is becoming irrelevant. This is tantamount to losing power, their #1 fear.
That's why the push to go out and vote." Your vote is irrelevant, but gives the system the appearance of relevance and importance. Why is the vote irrelevant? Because once elected, they do what their real masters want, those who gave 'em money so they don't have to get a real job.
Politicians 2 I wouldn't hire 'em to mow my lawn! They'd spend 1/2 the time telling you what a good job they were *going* to do, and the other 1/2 telling you why they needed more money to complete the task.
Politics - Anti-You Trend toward answers, incl. in the lapdog media, is always more laws. If that worked, society could have one law: "Don't do evil!" But this way makes gov't more powerful, attracting those who desire power... over YOU! Greedier & less responsive, and less responsible (Clinton, Condit).
Politics - Avoid I didn't intend to get into politics so much, but it's the main instrument of slavery and of convincing you you're NOT a slave!
Gore's comment of US Pres being leader of the free world:" If it's free, it doesn't need a leader!
Politics - Beholden In this country, you only get to vote for the people, or just the people who vote for the people (pres. electors) who will be your masters (leaders"). And they are not beholden to you, but to the biggest contributors.
Politics - Distractor Keeps people's minds off the real issues and focused on the smaller ones, such as: Family Values, vs Are we Truly Free?
Politics - Magic Show Politics is largely a function of distraction, just like a magic show. If they" are telling you to quick, look over here, you're better off looking over there. If in doubt where to look, at least hold on to your wallet. That's where the real "magic" is taking place, out of your sight. Whitewater was a perfect example of this. The true Clinton villainy was taking place in other arenas; WW was a straw man distraction.
Politics - Mutation of USA US used to be run by indirect majority vote. This is bad enough (3 wolves & 2 sheep voting who's for dinner).
Now, however, US is controlled by who has access to power, via money or connections, and those in power are motivated by quest for more power & money, not love of freedom for all.
E.g. Bush's flip on stem cell tax funding.
Politics - Parties 1 Repubs & Dems just want your stuff to redistribute to entities to which they're beholden or perceive as more deserving" than you. Reform party stands for no principle, but just a cult of personality to enrich Perot. Libertarians well meaning, but have no real constituency since everyone wants his bread buttered. Some in party already appear corrupted. Eg, Perry's tale of Howard Stern (how easily he 'invaded').
Politics - Parties 2 Left is crueler than Right: Right does want to control the sheeple,but only to the min. extent to maintain order. The Left pretends to be watching out for the good of the collective, but subjugates indiv rights to that collective. They ensure all are equal - equally poor and enslaved, while those at the top of any leftist state that has existed have lived in luxury, on the backs of those enslaved & hoping 4 better.
Politics - Parties 3 Left & Right both want your stuff. Redistribute to entities to which they're beholden or perceive as more deserving" than you.
Politics - Parties 4 Both L and R point to money as the corrupting influence, but that's to distract us from the real corruptor: Search for Power, which L and R both have, equally.
Politics - President of What? Bush, Clinton or the like are not president of all the people." He/they is/are president of the Executive Branch of our 3-branched gov't, however, we might as well be truthful and call him a slightly weakened dictator. Esp. since Congress won't fight him on things such as making war, raising gov't salaries, raising taxes for the "shortfall," etc.
Politics - Puppet Show Had to laugh at the mfrd. brouhaha over Gore vs Bush. Real contenders kept out (e.g. Debate" @ UT). It's just a puppet show.
Politics - Sandbox 1 Politics is just the boys" playing in the sandbox, and no one ever taught 'em to play nice.
Politics - Sandbox 2 Politics is a waste of time except as entertainment. It's at a low level no more meaningful than two boys in a sandbox arguing about who has what color shovel.
This is even more true if you live freely; politicians barely affect you, if at all.
Politics - Without Lying Clinton: I did not have sex with that woman (period, para) Monica Lewinsky...
Bush Elder: Read my lips, no NEW taxesÉ "New?"
What he meant, vs what we were supposed to (& most people did) think. News people didn't parse it for us in either case.
Power - False Sense of What those who would be king" don't know is that they become not only slaves to that desire, but then must look over their shoulders to see if anyone has caught on and gotten angry, or if the next power hungry soul is nipping at their heels.
Power - Seduction of Those who think me me me" are attracted to mgr positions, politics... and the Mafia.
Problem, Defining 1 Why is it important to define a problem first?
Because otherwise solving" energies could be off in the wrong direction. Or maybe there's no problem at all!
Problem, Defining 2 It's important to define the problem before coming up with solutions.
Could start each chapter with a symptom statement, such as medical costs, and really defining the problem as it is, not as the political agenda-setters wish to state it, or more often, have you assume it by inference. Show how THEY do it and how it should be done.
Problem, Defining 3 Actually, phrasing the correct question and defining your assumptions is even more important. There might be no problem at all.
EG: Co. could start out with how many to lay off, or could start out with "what is hurting profits?"
Problem, Defining 4 Problem I'm defining: Life seems to have more and more restrictons, people are acting out" more (road rage, etc) and money goes less far with each day. Previous solutions have involved more restrictions & more gov't, yet problems get worse and corruption is added. What other direction might we consider?
Propaganda [Incorporate notes from RFM segment on propaganda]
Propaganda - Crisis as Tool Crisis is a tool of the tyrant. - J. Madison (?) (from Walter Williams)
Propaganda - Demonization Painting as tax dodgers" those who choose to live in a state or area with lower or no sales/income taxes. In reality, they are just trying to escape from "Massa" just a little bit. Yet, they are painted as villains by slavemaster-assistants (mandarins). This country was formed to escape taxes!
Propaganda - Enslavement 1 1. Equates the 'country' with the gov't of same.
2. Use of "We must.." 3. Your "fair share" is det. by ??? What "moral oblig?" 4. "Fixed income" isn't (COLA), plus wish mine was "fixed;" it's gone DOWN in the last 4 yrs to -10 yrs level.
Propaganda - Enslavement 2 Monuments (eg Mt. Rushmore) make you feel small & insig. and the gov't big & powerful. Also palaces" for gov't meetings, even lowly boards of educ. Note that even though they use your money to build monuments, which they name 'em after their insiders or even themselves. Eg, "Sen. Jim Ellis Bridge." They used to only name after dead people, but with politicians, they name after live ones to increase their power.
Propaganda - Enslavement 3 Flags:
Don't rally 'round the flag, rally 'round yourself!
Flags are symbols of gov't, not the countries themselves (meaning the people and ideas encircled within their boundary). Therefore, emphasis on such symbols is merely to control, misdirect and hype up the populace.
Propaganda - Framing Questions Media & gov't often frame the wrong" questions to shape public opinion. E.g. the Calif power 'crisis' caused by gov't monopoly & mismanagement, caused need for blackouts. Gov't answer: more control and raise prices to consumers. Media asks question of viewers: "Will higher prices FORCE you to conserve?" as if that's the reason for the blackouts in the first place, consumer misuse.
Propaganda - Grab Your Rights Level Playing Field
For the Chilllldren
National Security
Gov't-Private Partnership (at point of a gun)
Propaganda - Grab Your Wallet The Chilllldren
The Neighborhoods
World Peace or Security
Police Action
International Cooperation
Propaganda - It's Gonna Cost Your Rights Level Playing Field, For the Chillldren, Diverrrsity, Fairness, National Security (gov't just protecting itself, Gov't-Private "Partnership" (at point of a gun).
Propaganda - Social Contract 1. A fiction. Contracts must be laid out in detail, knowingly & agreed to by both parties voluntarily. SC usually means someone (liberal) wants to obligate someone else's resources to 'their' cause w/o consent.
2. BOTH sides must keep promises! Gov't routinely renegs on such things as Soc Sec, land deals, use of tax $$
3. Honesty: Gov't lies about enemies etc
4. Who says which S.C. is valid? Since you are bound by it by being born into it, Castro's, Khaddafi's or Ping's are each as valid as the others, though they are vastly different.
5. You must be able to inspect a contract to see what is in it. Social contract changes depending on who is trying to make you feel guilty about it.
Prophet 1 The way to tell humans great truths is to
couch them in greater mythologies, tie the truths to some
paternalistic source greater than yourself (e.g. Joseph Smith).
You can't be a prophet in your home town. - Bob Makin 8/10/04
Prophet 2 Represent yourself as only a messenger
rather than the source
of the perceptions you are propagating.
Never forget you are trying to
communicate higher thought processes to a species of hairless ground apes who have great difficulty getting their minds off of their genitals. - Bob Makin 8/01/04

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