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Waco - Andy Rooney Include Andy Rooney quotes from 60 Min's, where he justified killing the "Wackos from Waco."
Waco - as Parable How quickly gov't can be your enemy and how dangerous.
Purpose from outset was to silence the Branch Davidians. J. Reno wanted first to get guns, then drugs, then prevent child abuse... by using nerve gas in confined area = poison.
Waco - George Orwell Serious sport has nothing to do with fair play. It is bound up with hatred, jealousy, boastfulness, disregard of all rules and sadistic pleasure in witnessing violence: in other words it is war minus the shooting. - George Orwell (1903-1950)
War 1 War is to protect gov'ts, not the people, who will just be ruled by someone else.
If that ruler isn't approved by them, he/they won't last (e.g Romania).
War 2 Ends vs Means:
Do good results of war justify war? If band-aids resulted from war, is war good? No. Was war necessary to invent them? No.
Same holds true for gov't plans in general, e.g. NASA. For the enormous, non-elective cost of NASA, its few benefits to the people don't justify it.
War 3 How Gen. Dymanics people were scared when the Berlin Wall came down. Their aims conflicted with those of world peace. Note that their powerful lobbyists help create the climate in which the co. would thrive... a warlike, fearful state for citizens.
War 4 "War is the sport of the Elites." - Unknown
War 5 Bravery of our troops, etc... Pray for THEIR liberation! That means not being unwitting pawns of evil people! Bravery and valor should be treasured, not squandered on a power-hungry, corrupt gov't in the hands of the money-changers (Satori)!
War on ______ Be suspicious of wars on ____ [fill in the blank]. You can't have a war on a thing or an ism." It's really a war on those who use or possess the thing or believe in the "ism." It's a war on <people.>"
Wealth 1 True wealth isn't created by gov'ts, they just collect and redistribute it, keeping some, even all in some cases.
True wealth stems from creation by labor or art (value added) by We, the People.
Wealth 2 Incredible climb in cost of housing and of the DJIA shows to a great extent the DECLINE of the value of the dollar as it does any increase in value or scarcity of the stock or land.
Stocks mostly represent capital assets, and a building is still just a building. So, except for perceived scarcity or goodwill" of a co; it's the dollar's decline more than a co's incr. value."
Wisdom, Conventional A friend said If everyone lives this way [slavery] it must be the right way." Many times in history it has been proven that "Conventional Wisdom" is an oxymoron. One must certainly consider what assumptions gave rise to "everyone" doing something, but then question them.
Words - Be the Master (insert Humpty-Dumpty quote)
Being "offended" by mere words is primitive leftover of giving words magic powers. If you don't give the words or their "sender" such power, they can't hurt youÉ Not counting gossip or slander."
Work - Identity At work, you are largely who others think you are & treated as such.
On your own, you define your own identity. Bill Gates vs IBM for example. If he'd worked for someone else, they probably wouldn't have let him negotiate w/IBM. On his own, he could put himself forth as a businessman on their" level & did so."
Work - Value of Enables one to contribute to larger projects with larger impact and better funding.
Includes synergy of talents and materials toward same end.
Does include previously mentioned sacrifices or costs, however.
Work 1 Pick a co. as e.g. SW A/L does, go more for personality & mgt style than what the job itself is. You can always move laterally. (Nuts" - Kelleher) Minimize contact with a "massa" by working PT. Reduce your "nut" allows this.
Work 2 How much of your working hours are for you? How much for taxes, rent, mortgage, interest & mandated fees included in your utilities, etc?
How much of it comes back to you in terms of (diluted) projects (hiways) or services (police) that actually benefit you? How much would you pay for just that part?
You have no choice but to pay, or ??
Work 3 How much is stripped away from the value of your labor. Part is expected; empl. makes profit partly by making your bean counting" etc of value to the market. Rest is furtive: Withholding taxes, fees, etc.
Work 4 Story of Mary, who was a millionairess & didn't realize it... kept working as a secretary even after she knew! Didn't know what to do with all that free time.""
Workplace - Dysfunctional 1 Employer-employee relationship is naturally dysfunctional. Can be worse in some places. Even best (SW A/L) is partly show & makes use of good environment by paying less (supply & demand for labor).
Worst brings out adversaries in employer and employee.
Workplace - Dysfunctional 2 People end up doing all kinds of things to each other in the office." This is 'cause they become weak and dependent. They take great risks to stand up for what they want & avoid that risk. Most of the nastiness at work, even from the boss, arises from weakness or insecurity. Work is a dysfunctional pressure cooker.
World - Imagine a 1 A world in which:
Entrenched 'robber barons' cannot harness the power of an armed government to keep you from non-harmful activity.
Groups bonding voluntarily to live as they wish.
Politicians having to get real jobs, in which they actually contribute to society.
World - Imagine a 2 in which you only pay attention to, and spend energy on, things which have <real> value and importance. Listen to TV or radio, read a newspaper or magazine, and see how little time is spent reporting anything of real value. Most of it is selling" you things or ideas to get you to part with more from your wallet. "Fear o' the week," : Fad o' the week," etc.
World - Imagine a 3 A world in which you are free to live and do as you wish as long as you don't violate rules you've personally agreed to.
A world in which what we now call government has become tiny in terms of its power over you and it takes nothing from you. It sends a bill for services to be rendered and sticks within the budget of money collected.
World View Need to develop a world view of what things would be like if more free. E.g. roads, etc built by voluntary agreements. Might be windier roads, but no one's property would be stolen. More variety as to speed, trucks allowed, etc. Police and fire done via insurance co's.
Worlds - Three 1 Physical
A gradation between them.
Each divided into passive & active, but again a contiuum.
Worlds - Three 10 Finding out where you are in the continuum is important w.r.to freedom, 'cause one in the physical plane cannot handle as much freedom as one in the spiritual; needs more comforts and things" around him."
Worlds - Three 11 The three divisions are also:
What is
What can be
What should be or could be (imagining)
Worlds - Three 12 There is a trade-off between going from physical to spiritual. Best example of this is Stephen Hawking, who lives almost entirely in the spiritual or mental world. He can instantly travel" in space and time to worlds so far NASA will never reach them."
Worlds - Three 2 Physical
Active is mountain climbers, industrial workers, etc.
Passive can be couch potatoes to psychotics.
Worlds - Three 3 Artistic
Passive is writers actors, singers, painters, who express the art.
Active is editors, directors, choreographers, publishers, who change and mold.
Worlds - Three 4 Spiritual
Passive is meditators, yoga practitioners, etc.
Active is philosophers, writers of spiritual books, etc.
Worlds - Three 5 Finding which world" and which half is yours is part of finding who you are and then being yourself, making the choices consistent with that discovery.
Worlds - Three 6 Distinctions can blur, there's a spectrum:
Engineer creates & is involved in phys world, but architect, though in same world, borders on or becomes more artistic-expressor.
Physical world goes from believing citizen, who just is in the physical world, to psychotic who's controlled by it.
Worlds - Three 7 There may be more than 3 areas, but we can't perceive or explain them.
Maybe the schizophrenic really does hear voices & we are the non-perceiving ones.
Worlds - Three 8 The three (or more) may be evolutionary stages; hard to be objective to say which is higher." Animals may be at the low end of physical or at high end of spiritual, just enjoying life. Of course "who's eating whom" aspect of animal world indicates low evolution. One person can bounce among them. It's good to respect those in other "worlds" as being on the path, just in different place on it. A contiuum."
Worlds - Three 9 One may HAVE to have feet" in more than one "world" to be fulfilled. E.g: Scientists can be philosophic about what they discover. Eric Hoffer, a philosopher, was a longshoreman. DK ???
Worries Most of the stuff we're supposed to worry about: Politics, the chillldren, TV fear o' the week, are manf'd to sell us prod's or gov't programs or grab of our rights.
It's all just background noise to a free person. Just like the snow on TV between channels, left over from the Big Bang. This is left over from when civilization needed "leaders."
You - Who Are? If you're not sure, look around you. Are people like you where you are? Where are they. If you gravitate to them, you'll end up where you should be!
Also, before you take advice, look at who's giving it. Are they taking it? If so, are they where you want to be? If not, they're the wrong person to take advice from.
ZZ Bibliography 1 Give a little synopsis of each:
33 Steps to Personal Power - Stewart Wilde
You can Negotiate Anything - ??
Winning Through Intimidation - Rob't Ringer
Looking out for #1 - Ringer
Idiot's Guide to Philosophy - Jay Stevenson, PhD
ZZ Bibliography 2 The Matrix" Prefer DVD version as it contains director's comments, such as his view of Warner, who produced it, as NWO and evil. Also, while watching, take it as an allegory. Not literally as machines vs humans, but as NWO power and propaganda structure vs yourself. This book = the "red pill.""
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