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"Without freedom of thought,
there can be no such thing as wisdom."

Benjamin Franklin


See if You Agree with These Statements:

Government is mainly looking out for our welfare.

 People in government are not our servants; they're our leaders.
 I live in a free country.
 Government officials know what's best for the people (me).
 Greedy corporations are more dangerous to me than is my government.
Government-protected monopolies, like phone companies, cable TV, sports teams and utilities are better for the consumer than a competitive market in the same businesses.
It is right and proper for local governments to use my taxes to finance sports teams owned by multi-millioinaires.  I call this an "investment" even though I don't see a dime of the profits and only government officials get in for free while  I have to pay.
 Although there are flaws in "The System," ours is basically
the best one that could be.
 We can influence our government to change its course
in a meaningful way.
Only the Left (Right), Republican (Democrat) has the right answers.  It really makes a difference in my life which one is in power.  I can count on these parties to stick to principle over being re-elected.
 My election choices make a real difference in the direction government takes.
 There can be such a thing as a "Fair" tax.  Tax law just has to be written right.
 The phrase "Leader of the Free World" applies to the President of the U.S.
 In general, politicians act upon their stated moral convictions,
even if it would mean losing the next election.
 Scientists objectively view the facts of a matter in question.  Emotion plays virtually no part in their methods or conclusions.  They use the Scientific Method to reach their conclusions without regard to financial influences (e.g. grants, foundation funding).  We can trust science to report to us objectively.
 If a government program is not working well, increased funding will often provide the desired result.
 Government programs usually are established solely for their stated goal.
When that goal is reached, the program will be dismantled or curtailed.
 If the government takes property or money from a person or group,
it's for the greater good of society.
 As Star Trek's Mr. Spock said:
"The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few."
 We can generally trust government fact-finding commissions to disclose the whole truth about whatever they investigate.  If they withhold any details, it is truly to protect our Nation's security.
Health care in this country is expensive because of the greed of doctors or health-care corporations.  It is not because government rations it and protects hospitals, doctors and drug companies from market forces such as competition.
Inflation is caused by wasteful consumers and an "overheated" economy.  First-year economics books are wrong when they say only the government, which controls the money supply, can cause inflation.  
Our economy is better off controlled by the Federal Reserve, which is owned by private banks, than it would be under the control of market forces and private watchdog agencies.
There is no way humans could live together in peace and harmony without the control of an overseeing government with the power to confiscate, tax and execute its citizens.
If the President says he will use caution before starting a war, torturing captive U.S. citizens and others, or searching our homes, we should trust him without oversight.
The Constitution is a "Living Document" and means whatever the Supreme Court or other government officials say it means at that moment.
We must be willing to give up individual rights for the collective good.
We can battle and win a war on inanimate concepts, such as a "War on Drugs"
or a "War on Terror."
Terrorism against the U.S. is solely because "they" are fascists, simply hate us or are jealous of our living standard.  It is not because a group has been oppressed, has no country or army, and has no hope of escaping the daily violence our government sponsors against them.
Iraq and Afghanistan really posed a threat.  They could destroy parts of the U.S. and needed to be invaded pre-emptively.  Even though I would be prosecuted for pre-emptive violence against my neighbor, it is OK for a government to use it.
Common morality does not apply to governments.  We must trust that they are well intentioned, even if they have "bad intelligence" or there is "no controlling legal authority" for their actions.

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Updated: May 30, 2008