Be Brave, Be Free !


Like Religion, early societies needed a forceful

entity to ensure order.

But, as with early, all-powerful religion,

has the price we pay become too great?

Has Government outgrown its original purpose 

and become something harmful, even dangerous?

"We have the best government money can buy."

Mark Twain

"Government is force, nothing more..."

George Washington


There's a possibly apocryphal story as to how governments came about.  In the days when societies were just small nomadic tribes, there arose robber bands which swept across the land, plundering crops, livestock and even women from each tribe.  Over time, so many of these bands arose that tribes began to die out.  The parasites were killing their hosts.  This wouldn't do!  So, some warrior bands began to stay with a particularly productive tribe and exact a "duty" of, say, 10% of crops, tools, livestock, etc in return for "protecting" the tribe from robbers... like themselves!

It is said that these bands evolved into kings, their courts, and the knights and armies which enforced their rule... always at a cost to the productive citizens.  Royalty, in turn, gave rise to government.

Whether or not the above is strictly true, it certainly would explain the actions of governments, and certainly the mind-set of those in government.

While it's true that government provided a measure of law and order, it has grown ever bigger.  Those in it see the "rest of us" as mere "sheeple," there to be shorn of our peacefully earned bounty to satisfy their desire for ever more "booty."  Yes, "booty" in the old and the new meanings!

So, the question is, "Has government outgrown its usefulness and become too powerful to continue to grow?"  If so, is there a peaceful alternative which we should start to build?"

Governments have become powerful, and people in it so jealous of losing their grip.  The question   which then follows is:  "How dangerous would it be to start on this new path?"

Caution:  Reading the below is equivalent to taking the "Blue Pill" in the movie The Matrix.  Once you start to notice these things, you can never again automatically accept what "Authority" tells you.

What's wrong with
Government as an early concept was beneficial.  However, given the weaknesses of human nature, it is being misused with more and more harm to its people.  About twelve times as many people have been killed by their own governments as have been killed by foreign enemy forces.  Post-WWII Soviet Union is one of the worst examples.  Stalin's people killed more Soviet citizens than did Hitler.  Our own government is walking down the same statist/fascist/socialist path, just more slowly.
Country - Definition
When I refer to "country," I mean the land and people themselves.  The Purple Mountains' Majesty, Amber Waves of Grain, etc.  I differentiate that from a government, which sits atop those things, and the people, and taxes and controls them.  The "country" exists with or without the government.
Constitution - Definition
A document which defines and controls a government.
A common fallacy in the U.S. is that the Bill of Rights grants us certain rights, such as free speech, freedom of religion, right to keep and bear arms, etc.  However, read the amendments themselves, as well as the Preamble to the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence.  You will find that these writings assume
 that we are born with these rights.  The writings only prohibit government from infringing on them!  Did they teach you that in school?  I've heard several purportedly learned government figures and talk-show hosts totally misrepresent this concept.  They say that government has granted you these rights.  If so, it's easy to accept the notion that government can then legally take those rights away.  In government-speak, they actually say you forfeit these rights by some un-approved action.  See the problem?
Training  These are some of the ways we are trained to accept the worsening actions of government against us:
Schooling  From when we are small, we are guided into accepting these false assumptions:
1. The Collective is More Important than You Are.  Example: You are constantly harangued that "our school" is better than "their school."  Schools actually have rivalries, probably arbitrarily assigned.  "Pep Rallies" are more important than academic activities, which they pre-empt.  This continues through adulthood, where somehow "home" teams, which are just sports corporations, even get the benefit of tax-collected monie and government (taxpayer) guaranteed bonds to build stadia.  Thus, you are working part of the year to profit a sports team owner.  The extreme form of this is a military draft, where people are enslaved to defend government's forays beyond its borders... for its "interests."  Such interests are usually economic interests of groups which benefit hugely from the military action taken.

2. Government Equals the Country You Live In.  By implication and by news reporting, every supposed problem becomes a crisis, emergency or "war" on something.  From this, we can only be saved by government action.  Each such action costs us more in taxes and often means giving up more of our freedoms.  The freedoms we were born with, not dispensed by government.  More often than not, the problem (e.g. homelessness, pollution) is blown out of proportion, or has been exacerbated, even caused by government's action or dispensation of privilege.

3. You are only Safe as Long as Government Keeps You So.  Dispassionate review usually shows that whatever government and its media outlets are scaring you about are either nonexistent, not as bad as claimed, or even caused by governmental oppression.
Propaganda  Media:  In the U.S., news outlets need ratings.  They will only maintain competitive ratings if they can give softball
 interviews to governmental officials.  Such interviews will be withheld if the news organization is hostile to the
 government's point of view.  Result:  Usually, the "news" consists of reading governmental press releases with only
 cursory "analysis."  See Below:
Tom Tomorrow - News
Their Tricks1.  Paint with a Broad Brush:  If someone disagrees with the official position, portray them as being against a larger
    generally accepted position.  True-Life example.  Owners of a prospective baseball team in Austin, Tx wanted to
    get the city council to use tax-funded bonds to build a stadium.  Councilmen were happy to oblige... they would get
    free skybox seats!  Citizens decried the use of tax collection to enrich the owner of a private corporation
    (sports team).  The company heads got the local newspaper (who would also profit from a team's ads) to decry
    the opponents as being "against baseball."  Similarly, if you criticized the attack on Iraq, you were "not supporting
    our troops" or "hating George Bush."

2.  Beg the Question:  This term is often misused.  Its true meaning is to pose a question in a way that
     its assumptions include elements which themselves should first be questioned.  For example, "We
     attacked Iraq because they had weapons of mass destruction."  This begs several questions:

     a. Does the U.S. have the right to dictate which countries may have which weapons?
     b. Is it moral to attack a country which poses no threat to the attacker?
     c. Does the mere possessions of a certain kind of weapon mean the country has the means to deliver it?
     d. How many of the weapons were sold or given to Iraq by the U.S. government during the short windows
         during which Iraq was "our friend?"  For example, U.S. newspapers actually reported when Iraqi military
         officials toured U.S. chemical weapons factories in Texas in the early 1990s.  As one official later said,
         "We know they have these weapons... we have the receipts!"

3.  The Bandwagon:  Create the image that "everyone" is on board with whatever action is being taken.  If you don't
     join in, you're missing out.

4.  Polarization - Us vs. Them:  People like "us" naturally would be against "them."  If you're not with "us" you're
     against "us."  This is also the Collective at work, again.  This misuses the natural human tendency to want
     to belong, to be part of a benign group.
Talk Show PosersRemember:  The true job of every talk-show host is to deliver ears (or eyes) to advertisers.  It's the one thing that
if he doesn't achieve, he will be fired.  So, take their opinions and points of view with a grain of salt.  If "liberal" talk
began to get ratings tomorrow, watch the "opinions" of the hosts follow suit!
The Big ShowJust like the high-school pep rallies, government puts on its own big shows.  These are designed to maintain excitement
and fervor for whatever the current big program is.  For example, take a good look at the next Presidential State of
the Union speech.  In the audience, you will see that the First Lady is the only one wearing a blue dress.  You will also see
women wearing red sprinkled throughout the audience.  They will always be the first to applaud or
stand up to begin an
ovation.  These kind of visual cues are no accident.  They have been used for thousands of years, and were perfected
by Hitler and the choreographers of his public spectacles.

Once you notice this, you will never again look at a political speech the same way!
Are Corporations Really the Problem? Many leftists - excuse me - "progressives" - decry that corporations need more control.  That is only the symptom of the real problem as I see it:
1.  Corporations act as many individuals would if they had protection from the consequences of their actions.  These are
common human weaknesses, but have wider scope of damage due to government's ability to confiscate, tax (same thing)
    and change the rules mid-game.
For more on this, see the book Something for Nothing by Brian Tracy - highly recommended!
2.  In many cases, corporations act as they do due to access to government policy makers.
    These will help companies achieve profit
     goals using tax money or legalized monopoly positions. Examples are cable companies, local telephone companies, broad-
     cast media, medicine, to an extent oil companies, huge farm conglomerates.
     Of course, the insiders of the War Machine are the worst offenders:  Their constant "need" is sated with
     human lives.  All these industries soak the taxpayer/consumer and ignore moralities we as individuals must obey.
     Why?  Because they can!  Government has protected them from the consequences of their actions, such
     as loss of customers and in many cases, negligence lawsuits.
     Politicians help and protect these entities for "campaign contributions" and other perks.
     Do I have to explain in more detail?  I'm sure you've seen the results in your own life.
Coming Soon!  Watch for more discussion!

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Updated:  May 30, 2008