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Be Brave, Be Free

Daniel G. Kuttner

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"To change the world, change yourself."

Mohandas Gandhi


          Civilization's Next Stage - 
A World Without Governments!

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Daniel - Part-Time Futurist

"My brain... That's my second-favorite organ!"
Woody Allen

This site is a forum for developing new goals for ourselves
and society in general.

The Book's
Major Premise

Government's Purpose has been Served:
Bringing Society out of Chaos

Now, it's time for the Next Stage

We can learn to truly enjoy life

- Peacefully

- Cooperatively

- Freely

- Voluntarily

- Creatively

- Happily

- Non-Coercively

Together !

Let's look to the future with new eyes...
not just accept
The Way It's "Always Been"

It's time to look beyond government to solve our problems.

This site is based on the upcoming book,
Be Brave,
Be Free, by Daniel...

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Coming Soon:
A Better Way to Look at the World
A Better Life by Adopting a Spiritual Belief

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Major Topics
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Are We Really Free?
Our American Lifestyle:  Are We Really Free?   Why even question it?
Does it hurt to get swept up into  "Fear o' the Week?"  The latest "Pandemic" or "Crisis?"
Should we care about Tom and Katy's Wedding?  "The Donald" vs Rosie?  Anna Nicole's Will?
What's the Harm?
Take the Slavery Quiz and See!
Staying away from -isms

Staying away from -isms

Staying away from -isms

Freedom Quiz
The Basest Level - Politics
It's just kids playing in the sandbox, but hey, if you want a new slant...
Current Events:  Why is "New Thinking" Needed?  Shouldn't we just Trust our Leaders?
The "War on Terror" - Is it Real?
The Pitfall of "-isms" --  Following and Leading are Both Traps.
The Dangers of Both the Right and the Left

Take the Freedom Quiz

Government - Still Necessary?

Government - Still Necessary?

Politics:  Has Government Itself Outgrown its Usefulness?
Are Daily Propaganda and Government-Run Education Designed to Keep Us Passively Under Control? 
If So, Whose Control?

Hillary or Obama - Does it Matter?

Higher Goals:


Practical Living:  Our Basic Assumptions - Where do they Come From?  Which may give us peace?
Does It Matter if there is a God?
How Could We Decide Our Priorities if No One Else Decides Them for Us?

Government - A Non-Coercive Alternative

Is there a "Next Stage" of Civilization to which We could Aspire?
Is Life without Government Possible?  Don't "other people" need constant control?
Could We Live Without Fear, Coercion, Confiscation, Taxation and War?
Would it Work?  Is it Practical, or just Pie-in-the-Sky?
Is it already happening right under our noses?

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  Philosophy: Why are We Here?

  Is there even a "Why" at all?
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  Random Book Notes to "Be Brave, Be Free"  
  The forthcoming book by Daniel

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