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"To change the world, change yourself."

Mohandas Gandhi


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Your Host,  Daniel
Your Host - Daniel

The Garden of Eden is right here, it's just partly paved over!

Forget show-biz, politics and the Media's "Fear o' the Week"
Let's share thoughts
about life's really big issues...

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"Is Government Itself Immoral?"

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Guidelines for Life
    Philosophy -  Freedom, Good, Evil... can we make sense of it all?                                    
Guidelines for Life    The Spiritual - Life, Death... Right, Wrong...   Is there a God?
                             Does He care what we do or how we live?
Does Politics Matter?     Politics - Can we vote our way to Utopia?  Does it matter which Party you belong to?
                     Do we need Government at all?
Universal Questions     The Universe - What might exist beyond our perception?  Why might it be relevant?
Nature Shows     Nature - Animals, the Environment - How do they really relate to us?
Self Help     Self Help - Let's explore what's really good for us.
Relationships     Interpersonal RelationshipsWork, Marriage, Divorce, etc.

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Updated:  Oct 12, 2017