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Life Stories

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Ilse - Part 1
    Ilse - Holocaust Survivor
                 Ilse's story is similar to Anne Frank's, except that she lived!
                 Her code name was "Hans" while in the Dutch underground.  
                 Hear her tell of her close escapes, survival techniques
                 and of the brave people who helped her - in her own words.
in 1997 to Steven Spielberg's "Shoah" project.)

                 Part 1 - Pre- and Early Hitler Days in Germany.
Ilse - Part 1     Part 2 - Life under Hitler, Ilse's escape to Holland and the German occupation there.
Ilse - Part 1     Part 3 - Ilse rescues an abandoned baby.  Ilse's friends are taken away.  Ilse visits her family.
                  Ilse's escape from the ghetto; fake IDs & signals; onward to the Dutch Underground.
Ilse - Part 1     Part 4 - Ilse goes into hiding.  She sneaks out to learn the fate of her family.
                  Life in hiding.
Ilse - Part 1     Part 5 -  Ilse finds her old boyfriend.  Coming to the US.
                   Marriage and kids.
                   Remnants of persecution.

Lotte     LotteHolocaust Survivor
                      Lotte relates her escape to Italy, ghetto life
                      and her U.S. life from 1932 to 2000.

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