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Listen to  "Pact"     Pact - by Parma Herzberg (originally produced for TV)
                 Is it possible to trick the Devil, get what you want and not lose your soul?
                 See if Ellen's plan to fool him will work !
                 Starring Sue Donahue and Clayton Murrell, featuring Iris Lewis

Listen to "Henry, Rose & Me"     Henry, Rose & Me - by Christopher Woods (originally produced for TV)
                                                    Your best friend is a stalker...
                                                    Is it contagious?
                                                    Starring Jesus Garcia

 Aztec Daughter   Aztec Daughter - by Harry Burris (produced for the stage by Fred Lapisardi)
                                              Every artist needs a muse -
                                              When yours finds you, will you recognize her?
                                                  Could you convince her to stick around?
                                              Starring Bill Bennett and Andrea Kremposky

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Click to view Jake's September Song     Jake's September Song - My tribute to Jake, an elderly pet.

Click to view Jake's Final Bow     Jake's Final Bow - My Eulogy to Jake.

Click to view TOPGUN's Video Future     TOPGUN's Video Future - An old video I produced. 
     It was a pitch to let me upgrade
my new employer's video equipment.

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Updated:  October 31, 2016